IC students cover 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

Fifty years ago, college students played a central role in organizing one of the largest marches for jobs and freedom of the civil rights era. This year, college students — 13 of whom were student journalists from Ithaca College —  were involved again, covering the anniversary of the march.

I was one of them. 

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September 2, 2013 · 3:26 pm


“Being the editor has always been a bitch – a full-time job for part-time pay, the staff challenging your authority at every turn, and readers blaming you for any mistake they find in the paper. And you still have to go to class.”
But it’s 100% worth it — and this college newspaper adviser hits the nail on the head explaining why.


Updated August 1, 2017. But that doesn’t the matter. The wisdom below is as perpetual as a temporary government program. Maybe that’s why this post has been viewed 10,892 times.

BEING EDITOR OF A COLLEGE NEWSPAPER HAS ALWAYS BEEN A BITCH: a full-time job for part-time (or less) pay, a staff that challenges your authority at every turn, and readers blaming you for mistakes other people made.

And you still have to go to class.

The job is even tougher today than when I was a college editor back in the 1980s. Tuition seems to rise daily like the sun, the classes you need to graduate are scheduled as often as your birthday, and there’s a daily website on top of a print edition.

But if you want a media career, you should chase the job anyway. Here are six good reasons for leading your newsroom, although you can…

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Mark Hertsgaard, inspiring the indy journo-activist in me

Independent journalist and author Mark Hertsgaard arrived last night in Ithaca to talk about the future trajectory of climate change with Ithacans. I had the opportunity to talk with him about ideas from his latest book “Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth,” which I read for my course on environmental politics. It’s not often we get to meet the authors whose works we read. I was beyond excited to sit down with a fellow journalist, and inspired after our chat about what the power we have a reporters to affect change.

In my interview with Hertsgaard, we talked about the critical need for citizens to shake up the country through action—be it protests, marches or letter writing. We also share a belief in the power and importance of independent media in educating civilians, teaching us all to become responsible consumers of not only the news, but also of material goods and resources. Without good reporting, it’s hard to create the conditions that foster conscious consumerism and allow for this to be part of our adaptation and mitigation strategies to fight climate change.

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WordPress again most frequently used CMS among Online Pacemaker finalists

Innovation in College Media

Pie chart of CMS usageThe Associated Collegiate Press announced finalists for the 2013 Online Pacemakers last week. Here’s a breakdown of the content management systems (CMS’s) used by the ACP finalists.

Many of the observations I wrote last year still apply. However, there are a couple of numbers that stand out, and I’ll discuss them below.

But first, the caveats:

  • The use of a particular CMS says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the quality of the journalism produced by these sites. I keep track of this because it’s something that interests me, not because I’m suggesting you use one CMS over another.
  • The numbers here are for the finalists for the ACP Online Pacemakers, which means it’s a very small pool, selected by a set of judges that varies from year to year, based upon content that varies from judging period to judging period. A more accurate picture of CMS usage would be to analyze the entire…

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EIC. It’s official.

Three years ago, I was merely an assistant editor for the arts and entertainment section of our college newspaper. Yesterday, I was selected as Editor in Chief of The Ithacan

Seeds had been planted about this day coming, and now here I am blossoming into the role. I cannot wait to work with a team of incredible editors and staff next year. And I’m positively overwhelmed by the support I have received in the past few days.


There are some big plans for the paper next year. It will be both a rewarding and challenging process to make them happen.

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Indiana Daily Student Publishes Special ‘Shortchanged’ Series on International Student Experience at IU

Indiana University has spent two months investigating whether the university’s policies and resources are accommodating the growing demographic of international students on its campus. These students are calling on other colleges to begin asking the same.

College Media Matters

The Indiana Daily Student is publishinga fascinating eight-part series this week in print and online focused on the “increasingly international” student presence and recruitment push at Indiana University– and the many ways students’ actual experiences are not living up to the ideals of the foreign exchange.

As the IDS investigations team explains about the series, titled “Shortchanged,” “IU is shortchanging its international students out of the true Hoosier experience, placing them in overflow housing, improperly assessing their English proficiency, and under preparing staffers and resident assistants to make them feel at home.”


Stories in the series focus on increasingly numbers-driven international recruiting efforts, international students’ challenges adjusting to a foreign culture and college routine, and English-language proficiency standards that may not truly indicate how ready students are to engage in classes and day-to-day living in a non-native tongue.

The investigation’s driving question, one…

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UWSA pulls the plug on The Lance; print publication to cease immediately

A student newspaper’s funding is pulled for allegedly insufficient funds. Members of the newspaper hope “this decision isn’t intended to do is to censor the student voice via student media.” This seems to illustrate an extreme of what could happen when administration and/or government try to limit the press. Ithaca College’s administration passed a media policy that threatened the college’s newspaper The Ithacan from accessing top administrators for interviews. After much controversy and public comment, the college rescinded the policy. It will be interesting to see what unfolds the University of Windsor’s newspaper.

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20 National Journalism Conferences to Attend in 2013

Journos – check out some neat conferences for 2013! Let me know if you attend any.

College Media Matters

Below is an updated list of the 20 most indispensable national-level get-togethers being held in 2013 for those who are practicing, teaching, and learning the craft of journalism.  They focus on a variety of skills and media and cover both the educational and professional sides of the field.  (Click on each image for more information.)

Journalism Interactive, February 2013, Gainesville, Fla.


Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference, Feb.-Mar. 2013, Louisville


ACP National College Journalism Convention, Feb.-Mar. 2013, San Francisco


CMA Spring College Media Convention, March 2013, NYC


ACES National Conference, April 2013, St. Louis


Broadcast Education Association Convention, April 2013, Las Vegas


International Symposium on Online Journalism, April 2013, Austin


Investigative Reporters & Editors Conference, June 2013, San Antonio


Poynter’s Teachapalooza, June 2013, St. Petersburg, Fla.


Native American Journalists Assoc. Convention, July…

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First place in Photography for New York Press Association awards


Yesterday, my photo on the back page of The Ithacan‘s March 29, 2012 issue won first place in the New York Press Association awards for the 2012 calendar year.

Moments like these make me miss traveling. The hundreds of photos I took and the many hours I spent blogging while in Morocco were rewarding and a way for me to reflect on my daily experiences.

I’m headed back to San Francisco at the end of May, and I can’t wait to revamp my blog and whip on the Canon Rebel for more visual storytelling.


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A quick hello from the Saharan dunes of Morocco

A quick hello from the Saharan dunes of Morocco

Picture taken while camel-riding in Merzouga, Morocco just before sundown on February 20. Published in this week’s issue of The Ithacan.

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April 3, 2012 · 8:27 am